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Bubble with excitement with Flamingo Moscato

Our picturesque Eden Valley Vineyard produces sweet small berries of flavour from Frontignac grapes.

An ideal summer drink, Flamingo Moscato is a beautiful ‘frizzante’ style wine. The gentle hints of citrus, honeysuckle, and rose petal surface in every mouthful. Beads of bubbles sparkle on the palate providing a sophisticated yet playful Moscato.  

our mission

Our refreshing pink bubbly is the drink you'll want to serve on any occasion for a touch of spontaneity and flamboyance. With a taste that is both sophisticated and delicious, we provide an escape from the mundane for those who want to let loose! Whether you're looking to celebrate a special occasion or just enjoy a good time with friends, Flamingo Moscato is perfect for just that!


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Flamingo Moscato comes from one of our beautiful Millon Wines Vineyard, located in Eden Valley South Australia. 


Millon Wines sets a tone of authenticity, producing wines connected to the soil, painting a picture of South Australia. Combining the vineyards' historical richness with passionate expressions of flavour, to create award-winning wines.

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